Tips on How to Measure For New Curtains

Curtains are a significant element of any room’s decor. With their usefulness in mind, they must also be kept clean and changed from time to time so they can go with the rest of the decor. Once one contemplates curtains shift, a significant step is to take the measurements for the new curtains so they match well.Click here to get a sheer look.

Curtain measurements may be divided into two groups. One is for when there is already a line, and the other if there is no rope. For any curtain to fit the window correctly, it is important to distinguish the two categories well. Before you start measuring for the new curtains, you should bear in mind that the width is always measured and first written down, and then measured and penned down.

Another point to remember when measuring curtains is that a metal tape measure which is retractable is always easier to use. The use of a fabric tape or yardstick may not give an accurate measurement, and the measurement would have a higher probability of error. The benefit with a retractable metal tape is it stays tight on the pin.

Another rule to note when measuring for new curtains is that you should never take measurements of a curtain or drape already in place. Could be deceptive. If a rod already exists and you plan to use the same rod for the new curtains, then the traditional rod and custom rod measurement system are different.

If you have a regular rod, measure the distance across the front of the rod from tip to tip. In this calculation, it is necessary not to include the wrap around and the overlap because the curtain makers would automatically include the overlap as well as the wrap around in the measurement you took.

For measure the height of a curtain with a regular rod, weigh the window opening from the rod down to the bottom. But, you should measure about four inches below the point where the window ends, if you want your curtains to allow privacy and be a little longer. If you want the floor height of your curtains, then calculate from the rod to an inch above the floor carpeting.

If you have a custom rod that holds balls, decorative clips or finishes, you can calculate the distance from the beginning of the clip on the left to the end of the clip on the right. It is critical that your calculation does not include the decorative finishes and balls. For the height, the tip of your metal tape should be positioned at the point which is the bottom of the ring film. This is the stage you want to hang the curtain from.