5 Reasons To Exterminate Bed Bugs Immediately

For many men, the appearance of those insects is associated with embarrassment. This should not be the case, since this parasite’s appearance is not linked to a lack of cleanliness. Don’t worry, they can get rid of you! We provide essential information on this pest, its behavior, its health impact and how to pick your exterminator properly. Know first, that it is necessary to act quickly when the time comes to fight them. So we’ve gathered 5 drastic signals that will help you move fast in battling these pests! For more interesting facts browse this site.

According to a recent survey (2011), 2.7 per cent or 40 000 households on Montreal Island were a prey of bed bugs.

  1. They’re an unnatural thing, feeding your blood in your house!

The bed bug is not greater than the seed of the potato. Once an adult, healthy one can generally live between 4 and 12 months, while under other circumstances they can survive without food for up to 18 months. Among the factors affecting its survival are the room temperature, the food available and the climate. Understanding the bedbug appearance isn’t associated with poor hygiene is important! They will infest homes which are safe and understandard. The number of available hiding places (e.g. holes, cluttered rooms) allow them to proliferate quickly, because they dislike regular light.

  1. No one is resistant to their infestation: they may come from anywhere…

Bed bugs will in many cases find shelter in your home or business. They may be found on a customer’s luggage, in a street-recovered pillow, on a bus seat, in thrift store shoes, on travel abroad, in shelters, etc. They can originate from neighboring houses, someone’s personal effects, an afflicted person’s school bag, coat daycare, a contaminated shop, etc. Nobody is resistant. We’ve seen them all over major hotels, the White House, the United Nations, New York, huge clothing stores, etc. And they do not exist on mammals, unlike lice or other pests.

  1. Bed bugs are easy to replicate… Too late!

Adult females deposit between two and five eggs per day, between 300 and 500 eggs per day. So it only takes the involvement of 2 or 3 of this bug to create a real infestation! After 3-6 months of maturation and exponential development, a few individuals in hundreds of thousands of insects growing quickly change the evolution of the infestation!

  1. You don’t want to know their presence’s signs…

Have you had bites associated, scratching, redness or swelling? Are linens and bedding covered in brown or black feces? On your white sheets you find irregular small blood spots? When you answer yes to any of these concerns, you are definitely infested with bed bugs!

You should also know the bugs excrement leaves a sweet smell behind. Although they’re discreet, the presence of a large number of them can leave a sweet smell in the infested space.

  1. Look out! Because of these tiny kids, you’re worrying for one health problem…

Sleep disorder, scratching triggered by frequent nighttime attacks, nausea, social isolation, fear, embarrassment and loss of quality of life are just some of the physical and psychological issues the existence of this parasite has identified in victims. Hence, several people infected with these parasites may be reluctant to report the problem to people who might be able to support them. And still… They should have…