Jewelery Repair For Sellers and Buyers

Learning how to fix your jewelery is an important subject for sellers and buyers alike. When considering this subject each of these parties should be informed of different issues.

From The Seller’s point of view repair Jewelry goes hand in hand with selling jewelry particularly if you make and sell your own jewelry. Most jewelry shops already receive a steady income from this business and thus have skilled employees who can do it on the staff. Apart from being a service that needs to be provided if a jewelry company is to succeed, repair services may be a perfect way for repeat purchases and improve customer ties. Many shops that guarantee the quality of their jewelry must gratuitously promise to carry out any repairs that might occur within a limited period from the date of sale. Visit us on WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIR CENTERS.

Training courses for repairing jewelry are common as they provide both theoretical and practical material, combining different skills and techniques used in the trade. Special tools for repair are available. Good lighting and magnifying glass for a jeweler goes without saying as this job requires focus on the work at hand with minimal pressure on the eye. In emergencies even a limited stock of extra blocks, chains, ties, clasps can be held. Fast on the spot, most shops perform quick repairs and please customers.

The Most Often Needed Jewelry Repair

One purchases jewelry, hoping it will last for ever. If a issue occurs it’s usually a simple brace that requires a loose stone to be repaired or glued back. Other jobs may be stone replacements, installing the jewelry in a different location, soldering broken chains, repairing broken bracelets, restraining a shattered pearl chain, re-hooking earrings etc.

Most jewellers can also conduct this type of repair job at reduced rates or cost-free depending on the client. Most jewelery sellers give their customers well-crafted pieces. There are also occasions when a repair is required either by mistake or by carelessness of the customer. For some cases this might be the responsibility of the jeweler. Whatever the cause, the seller of the jewelry has to give fixing the damaged piece. It’s normal for people who like jewelry to buy it from various sources and then look for a nearby jewelry shop that can help with the repair if appropriate.

Jewelry repair pricing

This service can be a delicate affair to pay for. Ideally, there needs to be a written list of jobs with the prices listed on each to sell to the customer instead of arbitrarily quoting anything in the spur of the moment. Some of the advantages of this is that you will tell the client how much the job would cost up front. There are people who actually take it for granted that the operation is being carried out at no fee.

Pricing typically takes into account, in addition to the type of repair, the time required, materials used and the labor costs. If there is a guarantee of free repair, of course, cost does not come into it. Unless the consumer is one who purchases regularly and often, special considerations may come from them.

From the point of view of the consumer, it is vital to go to a reputable repair shop for jewelry, particularly one that does not outsource the job to anyone else. When you hand over your jewelry to repair it includes a system to document all the specifics such as specifications, what repair needs to be performed, drawings of the piece and so on.